Dettaglio servizio


After the meeting with our customers the design phase takes pace, during which we acquire the first fundamental data. For example, if a customer wishes to create a shower enclosure, we will obtain the two basic measurements: the height and width of the glass he needs.

This data is necessary so that we can define the amount of work that has to be done and provide you with a QUOTE (free).

In this phase we try to solve most of the problems, in order to create the product in a safe, practical and very precise way.

Together with the customer we design the space and possible solutions to integrate the product; we show the various possibilities in the most concrete way. Helping with images and photographs, WE LET HIM SEE what we can do for him.

We are able to STUDY CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS for any case, which we agree with the customer and we can offer CUSTOMIZED services to both PRIVATE and COMPANIES.