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Nardo Vetro

Glass production and installation for industry and individuals

Nardo Vetro designs, manufactures and installs glass solutions for the industrial, construction, naval and private sectors. Thanks to our over 50 years of experience we are able to carry out highly specific and often unique projects to guarantee customers satisfaction.

Our glass processing plants are among the most innovative and technologically advanced in the flat and curved glass processing sector.


A design choice that respects the environment

Ecological, sustainable and recyclable. Glass is the best for the environment and its use is gaining more and more space among Italians. Sustainable because it is 100% recyclable, it does not release any dangerous chemical substances. It is also a “sea-friendly” material because it doesn’t dissolve into micro particles which are harmful to the marine ecosystem as is the case of plastic.

In fact, glass is considered the reference model for the circular economy whose purpose is the use of raw materials which come from the environment, the minimization of waste production and the enhancement of the life of products. The percentage of recycling in Italy is 72.8% (Data from Assovetro).

"We are the only ones able to offer
a new product, safe, ecological,
that separates but does not divide"

Counter dividers: effective for breath protection or as card pass or voice pass to be applied in offices, workplaces, accommodation facilities, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, cash desks, sports centers, clinics, etc. .., all those activities and occasions that require transparency separation.

Glass can also be treated in a special way, (with Nardo Clean), thus becoming non-stick, resistant to oxidation, stains, encrustations and easy to clean.

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New digital glass printer

Nardo Vetro partnerships with its customers aim at creating highly specific and often unique projects.
For us it is important to have always satisfied customers and a stimulating and dynamic work environment, full of opportunities for growth and development of knowledge and skills.

Nardo Vetro continues to renew itself in order to offer its customers an increasingly complete, flexible and cutting-edge service.
In confirmation of the above, we inform you that since November 2019 our company has expanded its fleet with the inclusion of a latest generation digital printer with hot colors compliant with industry 4.0 standards.

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Manufacturers and installers of
glass solutions from
over 50 years

Nardo Vetro is constantly growing in experience and competitiveness in order to offer an increasingly complete, flexible and qualitative service. Today it counts on a production capable of designing and implementing solutions for the use of glass in construction, interior design, industry, contract and the automotive sector.

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