Digital print

NARDOVETRO S.r.l., a well-established reality in the processing of flat glass for the past 50 years, always led by the Nardo family, continues to renew itself in order to offer its customers an increasingly complete, flexible and cutting-edge service.

In confirmation of the above, we are pleased to inform you that starting from November 2019 our company has expanded its machinery fleet with the addition of a last generation digital printer with hot colors compliant with industry 4.0 standards.

Glass turns into culture.

We are able to supply our customers an efficient technology for the realization of drawings and high resolution photographs on glass with a complete range of colors. We can also print photos and drawings received via digital support.

The enormous advantage of our hot digital printing is the possibility of using special ceramic paints that vitrify at 700 ° C during the tempering process and which for this reason are unalterable over time.

We are therefore able to meet the needs of many companies and professionals in the sector, starting with designers, architects, interior designers, interior decorators, etc. up to the automotive machinery sector.

Print resolution: 1440 dpi. Available colors according to the tables: RAL, PANTONE and NCS.

In this sequence you can see the processing phase of the printed glass:

  • Graphic processing (Print1)
  • Processing and realization (Print2)
  • Usage (Print3)