Measurements survey

When we go to the site (construction site or home) we carry out a precise MEASUREMENT that allows us to develop a detailed analysis of the situation and to better advise the customer on the solutions to be adopted to meet their requests.

It is in fact essential to understand what the REAL NEEDS of the customer are and  discuss with him if the product he requires meets the criteria of functionality, aesthetics, utility or other.

The MEASURES RELIEF is the phase of the CONSULTANCY that allows us to go deeper into the technical, aesthetic and artistic details of our work. By personally visioning the construction site or home, taking the measurements necessary to carry out the project on site and verifying the adequacy of the preliminary study to reality, we can enter into the specifics of two important aspects: the SPACE and the OPERATING mode.

In fact, with the customer we confirm the place WHERE the product is placed and we decide HOW we make it.

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