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Glass production for industry

Nardo Vetro srl is able to carry out all the processing of flat glass, with thicknesses ranging from 4 to 19mm.

Water cutting, tempering, glass grinding, engraving, enamelling, chamfering, beveling and drilling of various kinds are just some of the various operations that the company is able to perform.

Not to forget the new lamination and gluing technology, Nardo Vetro srl is in fact able to assemble any type of furniture completely or not completely in glass.

All these solutions are managed directly by the highly technological and mechanized production system. In addition, the processes follow precise rules which have obtained E3 approval of the tempering.

Refrigerators, hobs, tables, shelves, TV stands, sliding doors, balustrades, tempered and coupled stairways are some examples of the products that Nardo Vetro has been producing constantly every day for many years.

Finally washbasins, lamps, mirrors and glass for vehicles with E3 approval can be produced in any shape and size according to the customer’s needs.