Dettaglio Realizzazione

Mounting of bathroom glass parts in a private house

We are pleased to publish some photos of one of our latest works carried out in a private home which included the glass elements of the bathroom.

Reporting below the various components, the materials and processes carried out.

For the mirror: an extra clear glass from Pilkington, cut to size by water-jet with our new water-jet cutting machine. The perfect fit was made possible by previous measurements made with our Pro-liner instrument.

The shower wall is an extra-clear 5 + 5 from Pilkington with vacuum-packed interposed fabric, tempered with our horizontal oven from MAPPI International.

The door was made from Pilkington’s brand new extra clear 10mm ultrawhite glass. The polished chrome handle is in stainless steel from “Minusco” while the other accessories used are from “Colcom”, in particular the innovative “UNICA” hinge was installed. Colcom UNICA allows you to not install any other device neither on the floor nor on the air, while retaining the benefit of the automatic closing mechanism.