Vis @ Vis, Covid-19 protection

We are the only ones able to offer a new, safe, ecological product that separates but doesn’t divide

Table Divider

Our dividers: effective for breath protection or as paper pass, voice pass / card pass, to be installed in offices, workplaces, accommodation facilities, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, cash desks, sports centers, clinics, nursing homes, etc. all those activities and occasions that require transparency separation.

Our kits: we have designed four different types, they are elegant, safe, with high stability and adaptable to the most varied needs, being easy to install, customized or standard and, on request, with your company logos.

Thermocheck from the Ground

The most varied applications, with a panel height of 200 cm and 90 cm wide (it can also be built witch specific requested measures), it is suitable for measuring body temperature keeping full protection or as a separator for all occasions (bar, restaurants, etc.). Furthermore, the panels are complete with wheels in order to make it possible to move them to the most appropriate areas.

The glass can also be treated witch a special product (Nardo Clean keeps it clean and sanitized) making it non-stick, resistant to oxidation, stains and easy to clean.

vetro separatore covid