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Thanks to its wide range of products, Nardo Vetro is able to collaborate with designers to realize their projects, using glass to enhance the spaces in which they are installed.

Nardo Vetro also allows you to create furniture and interior fittings that do not align with standards, but become objects and concepts of an elitist cult.


Florim porcelain stoneware

We are now presenting porcelain stoneware, a ceramic surface made by FLORIM. A range of sizes that reach the maximum size of 160 x 320 cm in 6mm thickness, declined in a variety of aesthetic and material variations for all uses: floors and walls, ventilated facades, worktops, kitchen tops, indoor furniture and outdoor. […]

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Parapetto in vetro stratificato ultrachiaro


A glass parapet for your stairs or balconies can become an element capable of giving extraordinary decorative value and elegance to your homes. Transparent, decorated, sandblasted or with engravings .. there are no limits to the possibilities of realization. The parapet by Nardo Vetro is created with laminated safety glass, tempered with our horizontal MAPPI […]

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NV Design

A new challenge for Nardo Vetro: ‘ISLOVE’ is born. ISLOVE is born from a concept of pure design connected to the instinct for perfection, a coffee table that can take place within a furniture that ranges from modern homes, to accommodation facilities and, why not, museums, restaurants, spas, hotels etc… […]

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Stampa digitale

Digital print on Glass

NARDOVETRO S.r.l., a well-established reality in the processing of flat glass for the past 50 years, always led by the Nardo family, continues to renew itself in order to offer its customers an increasingly complete, flexible and cutting-edge service. Glass turns into culture. We are able to supply our customers an efficient technology for the […]

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vetro separatore covid

Vis @ Vis, Covid-19 protection

“We are the only ones able to offer a new, safe, ecological product that separates but doesn’t divide“ Table Divider Our dividers: effective for breath protection or as paper pass, voice pass / card pass, to be installed in offices, workplaces, accommodation facilities, hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, cash desks, sports centers, clinics, nursing homes, etc. all […]

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Shower Cabin

Furnish your bathroom with a custom-made glass shower enclosure, made according to your needs, according to functionality and safety criteria without neglecting beauty. Nardo Vetro is a leader in the production and installation of shower enclosure crystals, capable of giving value, elegance and perfection to your bathroom. Our specialized technicians will assembly your product and […]

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Glass Cases

Crystal glass display cases, glued with special high-strength UV glue, are ideal for storing precious objects without depriving yourself of the pleasure of observing them at any time or to simply display your products. You can choose a customized display case, in the shape and size you prefer. […]

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Glass Doors

Colored, opaque or transparent doors, but always with a simple beauty: functionality. Built not to divide, but to become the element of union of the various environments, connected to each other in harmonious continuity. Your doors will become real decorative design jewels for your home or for your spaces and for a security door you […]

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Glass Canopies

The transparency of glass allows an aesthetic and application versatility that has no equal. This is why it can be used to create canopies, and pompeians ideal for covering an entrance, enclosing stairs or terraces, or to create a flooring. Glass is suitable for both modern environments and is a valuable element for historic buildings. […]

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Dividing Walls

Glass Dividing Walls

Choose a glass partition wall for your environment and meet the modern needs of architecture and interior design. Safe, elegant, adaptable to every need. We can create customized walls, where you can insert crystal glass doors of any size and type, such as: retractable sliding doors, single or double-leaf doors, all-glass or framed doors. Our […]

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Mirrors have always been excellent compositional elements for furnishing environments and rooms: thanks to their ability to create an optical effect capable of increasing space and reflecting light. They are well suited, in fact, for rooms of any size and characteristic. Nardo vetro professionals will be able to provide you with an extremely wide range […]

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Bocca di Lupo

Soluzioni in vetro per ambienti domestici ed edifici Le bocche di lupo sono realizzate con telaio in acciaio INOX spazzolato per esterno e vetro stratificato temperato. Le lastre di vetro possono essere realizzate in vetro trasparente o satinato o a completo piacimento del cliente. Rispettano gli standard di sicurezza per quanto riguarda la reazione ai […]

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