Nardo Vetro Glassware.
50 years of history.

Born from the work, passion and natural predisposition for the “beauty of glass” of the founder Giorgio Nardo, it continues today in Nardo Vetro Srl with the commitment of his sons and all the valid collaborators.
Today the focus is on technological innovation inspired by the values of economic, environmental and social responsibility.

The mission?
Offer quality products and services with the necessary technical and consultancy support in a familiar, dynamic environment ready to satisfy the demands of the glass world with enthusiasm and competence.

Nardo Family

Experience and professionalism in glass processing and installation

Glass furniture and solutions for industry, building and private sector

Nardo Vetro srl has been operating in glass processing continuously for fifty years with a constant growth of experience and competitiveness. Today it counts on a productivity capability based on designing and implementing solutions for the use of glass in construction, furniture, interior architecture and industry. Nardo Vetro owns and manages numerous highly automated technologies for glass transformation, making it suitable for withstanding significant thermal excursions, such as glass for refrigerators or in contact with cooking surfaces.


Innovation and design

The history of Nardo Vetro has always been closely linked to collaborations with important architecture and design studios, as well as the creativity of well-known and emerging designers. Nardo Vetro is continuously looking for new collaborations that can stimulate the constant search for innovation, and thus be able to offer its customers glass creations that are always in step with fashion, style and technology. The designers who collaborate with our company have the opportunity to develop and interpret their projects using the latest technologies and the numerous experimental research we conduct. Nardo Vetro also allows you to create furniture and interior fittings that don’t align with standards, but become objects and concepts of an elitist cult. Hotels, restaurants, residences, chain stores, boutiques, offices and business centers are some of the fields in which it is possible to interact.

Product quality

Each of our products is CE marked and stands out for quality, distinction and customization.

OHSAS 18001  |  ISO 14001  |  ISO 9001